About DMCS

The core of this club are two main topics: Digital Media and Computer Science. Let's explore what they mean.

Digital Media

Digital Media is all about creating beautiful things that beautiful people see on beautiful screens. Throughout the year, we'll learn how to make awesome websites, front-ends, some Illustrator and Photoshop work, as well as how to tie all of that together to make a rocking online portfolio.

Computer Science

Computer Science, quite literally, is professional problem solving. During the year, we'll explore how to solve problems using these super powerful and awesome machines called computers: whether it be as simple as responding to a question, or as complex as mapping out a path for a delivery man.

About Our Club

DMCS club is an entirely student-run club that has the goal of spreading knowledge. Ultimately, our goal is to teach the wonders and joys of computers to students, giving them the power to change the world in the future. Along the way, club members also learn valuable life skills like logical thinking, learning to self-learn, and collaboration.

DMCS meets on Tuesday and Thursday lunches in Room 304. Members aren't required to come every meeting, but are encouraged to.

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